Beth has worked in Chicago as a reading specialist for 6 years


I have always been interested in the different ways in which children learn, which led me to study Psychology and Elementary Education. I became interested in reading as I finished my degrees and went on to study the Responsive Classroom and the Orton Gillingham Method at the Institute for Multisensory Education. Orton Gillingham is a method that utilizes the three learning pathways in which children learn - visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

I believe that all children learn to read in unique ways, and when students aren't grasping a concept, it's my job as an educator to find out the best way for them to learn. I needed to create a program that was not about one aspect of each child, but the whole child. Not just one of the approaches or methods, but parts of all of them!

My dream is for every child to have confidence in reading, and that comes from learning to support one another socially and emotionally, as well as academically. In every class we are reminded we are a team, and if one of us is stuck on something, we wait and praise and encourage our friends for trying. This small act of sharing and reminding is building new pathways for academic success in students' minds. It's beautiful to watch a child’s confidence shift as they build problem-solving abilities both academically and socially.