"Reading is not so bad" 

Leo, age 6



small group tutoring

Small group tutoring is a great option for  students to get to learn and have fun with their friends. We set and share our reading goals. My goal is for every single kid to become a more confident reader and build deeper friendships. I believe students enjoy learning more when they feel a sense of belonging that comes from cultivating friendships - which is why we practice working as a team, listening to our friends, and encouraging each other! We also have one very important rule: you may never say the word CAN'T. We can only say "That looks tricky, but I can try it!" It seems like all fun and games, but you will be floored by the amount of growth you see from what your child might think is just a fun play date.


private tutoring

Sometimes kids learn best with personalized, one-on-one tutoring. This is a great option to figure out what group is best for your child, if they have a specific goal to work on, or scheduling! We can skyrocket the school day from just meeting once or twice a week for a semester. But we usually stick together all year. : )

Play Logan square

story time

Come get a taste of Big City Readers at story time! Every Tuesday at 11:00am at Play in Logan Square, and every Friday at 10:30am at Cat & Mouse in West Loop.

Hire Big City Readers for your store front, school's story hour, pop-up events, or birthday parties! I believe in the five building blocks of teaching children to read: Read, Write, Sing, Play, and Talk, and I consider it an honor to work with babies, toddlers, and their caregivers to help shape their early literacy habits.