Little City Readers Spring 2019

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Little City Readers Spring 2019

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This spring we are excited for you to join us in Little City Readers! This 8-week class is designed for babies through 3-year-olds and is full of songs, signs, beginning sounds and letters, and sensory story time. This is about growing on concepts each week, practicing following directions, communicating with others, learning to share, and building on early childhood education. 

Babies and toddlers up to 3 years old will grow as readers and communicators using the 5 building blocks of early literacy and learn to communicate through signs, as well as building fine and gross motor skills through large group activities, practice opposites and executive functioning strengthening through instrument use and songs, sensory art, develop sequencing, ordering events, cause and effect, 1:1 correspondence, AND get our hands moving with multi-sensory process art relating to each week’s story theme! Think: zoo, circus, space, monsters, flowers, ocean, animals. It's a blast!

This 8-week session will run from April 8-May 31.

These class ages are approximate, if your baby is around the age of a class that fits better for your schedule , you can enroll in that class!

New class! Did you have baby #2 in the last few months? This is for you to bring BOTH! 2 teachers in this class, less spots. A mix of toddler + baby activities!

3 year old not quite in preschool? This class is for you! More preschool focus + letter sounds! If your 2 year old is recognizing letters and you think they fit with 3 year olds, this might be a good fit!

If your 3 year old is close to 4 and can recognize letters and sounds and is independent, they might be a good fit for a 4+5 group on Saturdays at 10! Email for more information or view it on the winter class list!

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