Private Tutoring

"My first grader actually started first grade BEHIND where he finished kindergarten! The summer slide had made it's mark."  -Josiah's mom. 
What's the summer slide and why is everyone talking about it? The summer slide is when students LOSE up to 20% of what they learned the entire school year! The best way to avoid this and even boost up a reading level is through 1:1 tutoring. This is for those 4 year old-3rd grade students who are serious about reading (just kidding, we still have fun!) and willing to carve out 30 minutes a week for individual instruction to set specific goals for your child to enter school this fall ready to rock! 
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Small Group Classes

Small group classes are a great option for PK-3rd grade students this summer! We will focus on what to get ready for the upcoming school year so they are prepared to confidently face the school year! No summer slide for these kids! Groups will cap at 8 students for optimal small group instruction. Private tutoring and small group classes will run for 6 weeks: June 18-August 3rd (no classes the week of July 4th).
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3-5 year old group

This group is perfect for PK students who are ready to practice letters in multi sensory ways, learn a few sight word songs, and develop a love of reading from the start! We will be moving around and getting messy often all in the name of learning to track print and understand phonemic awareness.

cost: $275

Kindergarten Ready

This group is for 5+6 year olds entering kindergarten. We will have fun getting messy with sight words and letter sounds as well practice important things to be prepared for kindergarten this fall! 

cost: $275

1st Grade Boot Camp

The transition from kindergarten to first grade can be tricky, but not for Big City Readers! This group will practice reading and writing to get ready for first grade this fall. Sometimes messy, always fun!

cost: $275


2nd Grade Reading Club

Don't lose all of the hard work you've done in the first grade to the summer slide! Keep up with reading writing and multi sensory phonics fun in this fun class!

cost: $275

3rd Grade Writer's Workshop

Let's get writing, 3rd graders! This class will focus on understanding plot and summarizing as well as write their own stories according to 2nd and 3rd grade state standards. 

cost: $275

infant and toddler classes


This summer we are excited to be bringing songs, signs and sensory story time mix to Fulton Market! This brand new beautiful space - The Frances (321 N. Justine) - will host this fun community on Thursdays this summer! Babies and toddlers 3 months-3.5 years old will grow as readers and communicators using the 5 building blocks of early literacy and learn to communicate through signs, as well as building fine and gross motor skills through large group activities, practice opposites and executive functioning strengthening through instrument use and songs, develop sequencing, ordering events, cause and effect, and 1:1 correspondence AND get our hands moving with a multi sensory process art relating to the story theme we are doing! Think: zoo, circus, space, monsters, flowers, animals. It's a blast! This class will run for 6 weeks from June 21-August 2nd.

cost: $105/child