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"Reading is not so bad" 

Leo, age 6



small group tutoring

Small group tutoring is a great option for  students to get to learn and have fun with their friends. We set and share our reading goals. My goal is for every single kid to become a more confident reader and build deeper friendships. I believe students enjoy learning more when they feel a sense of belonging that comes from cultivating friendships - which is why we practice working as a team, listening to our friends, and encouraging each other! We also have one very important rule: you may never say the word CAN'T. We can only say "That looks tricky, but I can try it!" It seems like all fun and games, but you will be floored by the amount of growth you see from what your child might think is just a fun play date.


private tutoring

Sometimes kids learn best with personalized, one-on-one tutoring. This is a great option to figure out what group is best for your child, if they have a specific goal to work on, or scheduling! We can skyrocket the school day from just meeting once or twice a week for a semester. But we usually stick together all year. : )

Play Logan square

story time

Come get a taste of Big City Readers at story time! Every Tuesday at 11:00am at Play in Logan Square, and every Friday at 10:30am at Cat & Mouse in West Loop.

Hire Big City Readers for your store front, school's story hour, pop-up events, or birthday parties! I believe in the five building blocks of teaching children to read: Read, Write, Sing, Play, and Talk, and I consider it an honor to work with babies, toddlers, and their caregivers to help shape their early literacy habits.

This is Big City Readers

     What readers of ALL ages are saying about Big City Readers

Hank's Mom

Ms. Gaskill is both charismatic and creative --- always thinking outside the box. My son can be quite rambunctious, but Ms. Gaskill demonstrated from the onset that she had the tools to get even the rowdiest of boys to WANT to sit down, and read. And that’s all a parent can ask for. My child LOVES to read! He WANTS to show her how he’s progressing – and even gets competitive about it. He LOVES to share with us all that he’s learning. And that’s all thanks to Ms. Gaskill.

Will+Ellie's Mom

Beth is an integral part of shaping our children’s learning experience and providing a head start to successful reading and learning throughout their lives.

She has worked with my 7-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter for the past few years. During the school year, she has worked with both in small reading groups through the classroom teacher. In the summer, they LOVE being part of her summer reading groups. She has instilled in both a confidence and an excitement for learning that my husband and I could not provide.

Ava's Mom

Reading with Ms. Gaskill has been a highlight of Ava's week all year long. Not only have I been delighted about her increased enthusiasm for reading, I have been floored by how much progress she's made this year. I have to credit the extra support and attention from Ms. Gaskill for this tremendous growth. She makes reading fun, exciting, and most of all accessible for all kids. Ava has emerged a confident and enthusiastic reader as a result of her time with Ms. G!

Ms. Gaskill is so awesome! She makes a room happy when she walks in. She teaches in fun ways! She is very creative and thinks of fun activities that help us learn. It makes it feel like we're just playing but we're really learning!

Mija, Age 11

Josiah's Mom

Trying to teach my son to read was honestly excruciating. The English language is nuts! There are teachers and then there are people with no patience (me) and say (scream) things like "just sound it out!" I was on track to permanently destroy any interest my son had in reading, ever. Josiah started the first grade actually behind where he finished in Kindergarten - the dreaded summer slide had made its mark. We started lessons in the fall with Miss Beth at a level B and by Christmas he was at level E! He's now finishing his first grade year at a level J, and get this, he actually ENJOYS reading. Beth is a gold mine.


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